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Type of Neighborhood:
     Near Downtown Eagle 

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Approximate Number of Homes in Winding Creek:  Approximately 58 home sites

Neighborhood Amenities: Close to downtown shopping & dining, neighborhood walking paths and common areas

Number of Homes Sold in 2015: 6

Average Sale Price of Homes in Winding Creek in 2015:  $246,033

Association Dues -  $800 per year

Age of Homes:  Construction between 2005 - 2010

Schools:   Eagle Hills Elementary , Eagle Middle School, Eagle High School

About Winding Creek

  Winding Creek Market Statistics

  2013 2014 2015
# of Units Sold 4 7 6
Average Sale Price $227,875 $242,428 $246,033
Days on Market 12 35 63




Winding Creek Photos

Below is a photo collection of homes and neighborhood amenities in the Winding Creek neighborhood in Eagle. Click to view homes within Winding Creek currently for sale.