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Type of Neighborhood:
 Historic, Landmark Boise Estates

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Approximate Number of Homes on Warm Springs Boulevard:  Approximately 152 homes

Number of Homes Sold in 2014:  14

Average Sale Price of Homes on Warm Springs Boulevard in 2014:  $381,600

Range of Sale Prices in 2014: $262,000 to $627,000

Association Dues -  N/A

Age of Homes:  Earliest construction circa 1865

Schools:   Adams Elementary, North Junior High, Boise High School


About Warm Springs Avenue:   Hitching posts from horse and buggy days may still be seen along historic Warm Spring Avenue.

Early on, the street became synonymous with local wealth and power.  Department store magnate C.C. Anderson lived here, as did pioneer banker C.W. Moore, whose residence still stands majestically at the Walnut Street intersection.  During the course of a recent transaction, title documents pertaining to yet another home revealed the original owner to be U.S. Senator William Borah, a legendary state and national figure.

Today, estates along the avenue range from modest to elegant and architectural styles and motifs are pleasingly ecclectic.  As in days gone by, many homes continue to be heated geothermally.

Robust growth has enhanced demand for this cherished Northeast location.  At any given time, the supply of available homes is limited


Adams Elementary 2011-2012 Test Scores:

98.4% Proficient Reading
95.8% Proficient Math
93.4% Proficient Language

District Averages: 94% Proficient in Reading, 88.5% Proficient in Math

North Junior High 2011-2012 Test Scores:

97.2% Proficient Reading
90.8% Proficient Math
90.8% Proficient Language

District Averages: 94% Proficient in Reading, 88.5% Proficient in Math  

Boise High School: Boise High School remains the most reputable school in the Boise School District in academics. Enrollment for Boise High is approximately 1451 students and was ranked within the top 1000 schools in the U.S. by both Newsweek and U.S. News. Boise High School has a high number of merit scholars and students that participate in advanced placement courses. 10th Grade test scores are reflected below for 2011-2012.

95% Proficient Reading
91.3% Proficient Math

District Averages: 94% Proficient in Reading, 88.5% Proficient in Math

98.1% Graduation Rate 



 Warm Springs Avenue Market Statistics

  2012 2013 2014
# of Units Sold 9 7 14
Average Sale Price $467,132 $548,795 $381,600
Days on Market 80 59 80




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