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Sycamore Drive Market Statistics
Sycamore Drive Market Stats

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Type of Neighborhood:
  Northwest Boise, Oversized Grounds, Tree Lined  and luxcwaton , Larstsast heast B 

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Approximate Number of Homes in Sycamore Drive:  Approximately 139 homes

Neighborhood Amenities: Oversized grounds, nearby parks

Number of Homes Sold in 2016:  5

Average Sale Price of Homes in Sycamore Drive in 2016:  $480,691

Association Dues:  not applicable

Age of Homes:  Earliest Construction circa 1916 with infill construction continuing through 2008

Schools:   Collister Elementary, Hillside Junior High, Boise High School

About Sycamore Drive:  Sycamore Drive is located in northwest Boise.

 Sycamore Drive Market Statistics

  2014 2015 2016
# of Units Sold 4 3 5
Average Sale Price $288,600 $306,141 $480,691
Days on Market 36 13 11




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Below is a collection of photographs from the Sycamore neighborhood in Boise, Idaho. Click to view homes for Sale in Sycamore.