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Riverside Village Market Stats

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Type of Neighborhood:
Northwest Boise, Easy Greenbelt Access, Lush Common Areas and Water Features  

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Approximate Number of Homes in Riverside Village:  242
Number of Homes Sold in Riverside Village in 2015: 15
Average Sale Price of Homes in Riverside Village in 2015:  $347,690
Riverside Village Association Dues -  $45 to $165 per quarter
Neighborhood Amenities:  Community pool, waterways, close proximity to the Greenbelt
Age of Homes:  Earliest construction circa 1981
Schools: Shadow Hills Elementary, Riverglen Junior HighCapital High School

 About Riverside Village:  On Boise's West Side about five miles from downtown is Riverside Village, a gratifying place to call home.  Reasons for settling here are abundant.  Verdant landscapes stretch along winding roads and lush vegetation beautifies serene waterfront properties.  The result is an especially tranquil residential setting.

Those who have purchased here speak of many enticements.  Fishing, walking and biking are all readily available, and association dues maintain a community pool.  Intregal to the development is the Boise River, and thus Greenbelt access is also nearby.

In Riverside Village nature is always close at hand, and common areas are beautifully landscaped and well maintained.  In such a setting architectural expressions take on added significance.  Homes always seem to show at their very best.






Riverside Village Photos

Below is a collection of photographs from the East Meadow neighborhood in Boise, Idaho. Click to view homes for Sale in Riverside Village.