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Lexington Hills Market StatisticsLexington Hills Market Stats

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Type of Neighborhood:
Planned Community, Luxury, Waterfront Lots

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Approximate Number of Homes in Lexington Hills:  Approximately 612 homes

Neighborhood Amenities: Neighborhood parks, fishing ponds, fountains, and walking trails

Number of Homes Sold in 2016: 44

Average Sale Price of Homes in Lexington Hills in 2016:  $353,597

Association Dues -  $128 per quarter

Age of Homes:  Construction between 1992 - 2004

Schools:    Seven Oaks Elementary, Eagle Middle School, Eagle High School

About Lexington HillsJust north of downtown Eagle, Floating Feather Road provides access to Highway 55 and McCall, a popular resort destination.

Handsome subdivisions along the route reflect incomes which remain Ada County's highest.

At Lexington Hills one enjoys rolling hills and mountain views. The ambience is rich with grassy parks, splashing fountains and ponds.

From the outset, the area attracted gifted builders, drawn to a developer's personal masterpiece. Seven Oaks Elementary is situated in the heart of the neighborhood. 

  Lexington Hills Market Statistics

  2014 2015 2016
# of Units Sold 31 45 44
Average Sale Price $340,458 $328,712 $353,597
Days on Market 166 33 50





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