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North Boise Neighborhood

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Approximate Number of Homes in Horizon View:  Approximately 73 homes

Neighborhood Amenities: Foothill trail access, 5 minutes to downtown, views

Number of Homes Sold in 2016:  4

Average Sale Price of Homes in Horizon View in 2016:  $471,000

Association Dues -  $0 /NA

Age of Homes:  Earliest Construction circa 1949 with infill construction continuing through 2003

Schools:   Longfellow Elementary, North Junior High, Boise High School

About Horizon View:  Boise Heights and Claremont Heights are located in the Boise foothills, just 5 minutes from Downtown Boise.  Construction commenced in Boise Heights and Claremont Heights in the 1950's, leaving a legacy of classic archictural styles that remain in high demand today.  Home buyers are drawn to the close proximity to downtown, excellent schools and easy foothill access...the city and valley views from Boise Heights and Claremont Heights are some of the best to be found in Boise.  Homes are regularly renovated and well maintained and Boise Heights and Claremont heights retain their longstanding reputations as luxury communities in Boise.

Horizon View Market Statistics

  2014 2015 2016
# of Units Sold 1 6 4
Average Sale Price $340,000 $453,500 $471,000
Days on Market 16 9 66




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