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Type of Neighborhood:   Historic Estates, Boise Landmark Mansions

North Boise Neighborhood

Harrison Boulevard Boise

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Approximate Number of Homes on Harrison Boulevard:  153

Number of Homes Sold on Harrison Boulevard in 2016:  14

Average Sale Price of Homes on Harrison Boulevard in 2016:  $559,207

Association Dues -  Not applicable

Age of Homes:  Earliest construction circa 1890

Schools:  Washington ElementaryNorth Junior High, Boise High School

About Harrison Boulevard :  Convenient North Boise comprises a delightfully signficant portion of the city's heart and history.

From Hays Street to Hill Road, vintage homes attract natives and newcomers alike who respond with enthusiasm to a nostalgic architectural mix.  Indeed, the desire for North Boise is compelling.   Homes sell at a rapid pace, and scarcity has established a vibrant seller's market.  Despite escalating values, many buyers remain anxious to establish permanent North End roots.

Luminous among North Boise streets is Harrison Boulevard.  For walkers, bikers, and motorists, the trip along Harrison is satisfying.  Behind a veil of trees, gracious homes and stately mansions beguile the eye, while meriting oohs and aahs.

Four blocks east of Harrison is quaint Hyde Park.  There, multiple outdoor dining opportunities and an ecclectic mix of shops attract loyal patrons.

A mile to the north is Bogus Basin Road, and to the south, after a comfortable walk, one can savor the delights of downtown Boise.

  2014 2015 2016
# of Units Sold 9 11 14
Average Sale Price $651,988 $548,645 $559,207
Days on Market 33 136 52




Harrison Boulevard Boise Photos

Below is a sampling of photographs of the Harrison Boulevard area in Boise.  Click here for Homes for Sale on Harrison Boulevard