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Type of Neighborhood
Planned Unit Development, All Price Ranges,  Near Foothill Trails,
Near Boise Greenbelt


Harris Ranch Idaho

Approximate Number of Homes in Harris Ranch:  Approximately 457 homes


Number of Homes Sold in 2016: 107

Average Sale Price of Homes in Harris
Ranch in 2016: 

Association Dues -  $680 per year

Age of Homes:  Earliest construction circa 2000

Harris Ranch is a vibrant community in the heart of Northeast Boise.  Close to the Boise River, Greenbelt, Shakespeare Theater, and the new East Junior High, residents appreciate the low maintenance grounds and close proximity to recreational opportunities.  There are two distinct phase of Harris Ranch, with the first being the original Spring Creek and Mill Districts constructed in early 2000.  The Spring Creek phase of Harris Ranch featured standard home sites near one-quarter acre in size, and there were common area strips providing occasional buffers between homes to give the community a sense of roominess.  The Mill District homes were generally alley-load lots, with low maintenance grounds.  

The new phase of Harris Ranch is located just east of the new Parkcenter Bridge.  The new phase also features low maintenance lots for active homeowners that forego larger lots in return for being close to trails, restaurants and parks. Architectural style for the newer portion of Harris Ranch has a modern bent.

Click to view the Harris Ranch Master Plan

All phases of Harris Ranch enjoy access to community pools and common spaces.  

Tax rates for Harris Ranch will vary widely.  For more information about the levy rates and the CID special tax that applies to some areas of Harris Ranch, please feel free to call us.

Schools: Adams Elementary, East Junior High, Timberline High School

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