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Boise Neighborhoods

Below is a list of our favorite Boise Neighborhoods!  Each link will take you to neighborhood photos, neighborhood profile as well as current and past sale data.  Search for current listings in each neighborhood! In the link following each neighborhood name, learn about surrounding neighborhoods for each geographic area!  Click to research Meridian Idaho Subdivisions, or Eagle Idaho Subdivisions and to see current homes for sale!

Boise Subdivisions

Arrowhead Ridge  (North Boise)
Arrowhead Canyon (North Boise)
The Aspen Lofts  (Downtown Boise Condos)
Avimor (Northwest Boise)
Barber Point  (Southeast Boise)
Bayhill Springs  (West Boise)
Blue Meadows  (South Boise)
Boise Depot Bench (Boise Bench)
Boise Heights  (North Boise)
Boise State Area  (Southeast Boise)
Boulder Heights  (East Boise)
Bown Crossing (Southeast Boise)
Bristol Heights  (West Boise)
Brookdale Meadows  (West Boise)
Brownstone  (South Boise)
Candleridge (East Boise)
Carmichael  (South Boise)
Cedar Edge  (South Boise)
Cityside Lofts  (Downtown Boise Condos)
Columbia Village (Southeast Boise)
Crescent Rim Condos (Downtown Boise Condos)
Crescent Rim Boise Homes (Boise Bench)
Eagle Springs (Northwest Boise)
East End   (East Boise)
East Meadow Park  (Southeast Boise)
East Park Woods  (Southeast Boise)
East Valley Sub (East Boise)
El Paseo (East Boise)
El PeLar Estates  (North Boise)
Englefield Green  (Boise Bench)
Eyrie Canyon (North Boise)
Falling Brook (East Boise)
Foothills East  (East Boise)
Harris Crossing (East Boise)
Harris Ranch (East Boise)
Harrison Boulevard   (North Boise)
Horizon View  (North Boise)
Hazelwood  (South Boise)
The Hickories  (West Boise)
Hidden Springs   (Northwest Boise)The Highlands (North Boise)
Highlands Hackberry (North Boise)
Hillcrest  (Boise Bench)
Hobble Creek   (West Boise)
Hyde Park   (North Boise)
yde Park Place  (Downtown Boise Condos)
The Island  (Southeast Boise)
The Jefferson   (Downtown Boise Condos)
Kootenai Area (Boise Bench)
Lakeland Village  (Northwest Boise)
Lakewood  (Southeast Boise)
Leader's River  (Northwest Boise)
he Legends  (West Boise)
Meadow Lake Village  (West Boise)
Meadowcreek  (Northwest Boise)
Mill Creek (South Boise)
Morningside Heights  (East Boise)
Muir Woods  (South Boise)
Nature's Woodduck  (Southeast Boise)
The Nines (North Boise)
The North End  (North Boise)
Northridge  (East Boise)
Orida Ridge (North Boise)
Painted Ridge (South Boise)
Park Place (East Boise)
Pepper Hills  (South Boise)
Pepperwood Estates (South Boise)
Pier Point  (Southeast Boise)
Plantation  (Northwest Boise)
Promontory Ridge  (Southeast Boise)
Quail Ridge   (Northwest Boise)
Red Feather  (West Boise)
River Heights (East Boise)
River Run  (Southeast Boise)
Riverside Village   (Northwest Boise)
Rockhampton  (South Boise)
The Royal Plaza    (Downtown Boise Condos)
Shenandoah West  (West Boise)
Sherman Hollow (North Boise)
Silverado Ranch  (Southeast Boise)
Solaire (Southeast Boise)
Somerset Ridge  (North Boise)
Somerset Heights  (North Boise)
Sonata Hills  (South Boise)
Southcreek (South Boise)
Southpoint  (South Boise)
Spring Meadow  (Southeast Boise)
Sunny Ridge (Southeast Boise)
Surprise Valley  (Southeast Boise)
Sycamore Drive  (Northwest Boise)
Tablerock Estates   (Northeast Boise)
Terra Nativa (East Boise)
The Traditions  (West Boise)
Triplett Ranch (Northeast Boise)
Warm Springs Boulevard  (East Boise)
Warm Springs Mesa   (East Boise)
Wildhorse Ranch  (East Boise)
Winters Run  (South Boise)
The Woods at Riverside Village   (Northwest Boise)