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Boise Condominiums

Boise condominiums provide a a variety of housing opportunities for buyers from all lifestyles and economic backgrounds. 

While condominium sales in Boise represented only about 4% of the total residential sales, buyers from various walks of life continue to be drawn to a simple lifestyle a condo can provide.  Lately, the condo developments in Boise have trended toward a very  lifestlye without many of the hassles that can accompany home ownership (maintenance, lawn care, commuting, etc).  Within Boise, there are various categories of condo styles and prices.    Sale prices in 2016 ranged from $70,000 for an ecomony driven condo in West Boise, to $993,000 for an upscale, luxury condo in downtown Boise.  In 2016, average sale price for a condo in Boise was $229,594.  As Downtown Boise Condos offer a significantly different lifestlye and price point, we're dedicating a page solely to Downtown Boise Condos.

Nearly all condo developments in Boise will have some sort of homeowner's association which will cover the exterior maintenance of the building and grounds.  Condominium association dues can vary widely depending on the level of maintenance provided and neighborhood amenities. 

Click to redirect to a list of Downtown Boise Condos For Sale, including current inventory, market statistics, as well as CCR's for individual condo development within Boise's downtown (Aspen Lofts, The Royal Plaza, The Jefferson, Crescent Rim, )